Summit Road and Its Bays

Feeling embolden by our brush with death just 24 hour before, we set out to explore the rest of the painterly and provincial Banks Peninsula.

Le Bons Bay

A roundtrip route starting in Akaroa, driving up and along Summit Rd, and back down to Akaroa Harbour can be completed in about an hour-

but it begs to be turned into a day trip.

Several turn offs for winding, panoramic roads lead to the many bays that are nestled into the perimeter of the peninsula.

Okains Bay

We had heard Le Bons was quintessential in its bay-ness and decided to see it up close.

Le Bons Bay

When the drive down to the bay from the ridge-line turned muddy, we panicked, perhaps not all that recovered from the day before.

Le Bons Bay

Luckily, it was only a few meters of off road activity before the road became paved again and we made it down to the beach for a deliciously moody, broody, stroll.

Le Bons Bay